Nazaré Funicular

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Ascensor da Nazaré

The funicular offers a view over most of Nazaré and its main beach as it goes up the cliff

Inaugurated in 1889, the Nazaré Funicular connects the two communities of Nazaré -- the one down in the center by the beach, and the one up on a cliff, in Sítio. It departs every 15 minutes, and offers a panoramic view along the way. It travels up 318 meters (1042 feet), and is used by tourists and locals.

Funicular da Nazaré

The original funicular has been replaced by a modern one

The original vehicles, powered by steam, have long been retired, and it was completely modernized in 2002. It now offers access to wheelchairs and bicycles.

Nazaré funicular

The funicular departs every 15 minutes in both directions

The station down in the center is decorated with a colorful tile panel added in 2017, depicting dried fish, big waves, and other local features. The station up in Sítio has an older panel, recalling the Miracle of Our Lady of Nazaré.

Ascensor da Nazaré

The funicular's lower station

Nazaré Funicular Ticket Prices

A one-way ticket is €2.50, while a two-way ticket is €4.00. It’s also possible to buy a 6-trip ticket for €10.00, a 7-day ticket for €17.50.

Nazaré Funicular Schedule

The Nazaré funicular operates daily, from 7:15am to midnight, with departures every 15 minutes.

How to Get to the Nazaré Funicular

The funicular station down in the center of town is on Largo do Elevador (at the northern end of Praia da Nazaré, follow the sign pointing in its direction, and go down the narrow Rua do Elevador).