Bus to Nazaré from Lisbon

Nazaré Transportation Guide

Nazaré bus station

Nazaré's bus station is a short walk from the beach and the center of town

Most people visit Nazaré from Lisbon, traveling by car or bus. There is no train service, so tourists relying on public transportation only have the option of an express bus. Those with a car often include it in a tour of central Portugal or make it a stop between the capital and the country’s second city, Porto.

Bus from Lisbon to Nazaré

If you’re not driving, take an express bus that departs from Lisbon’s Sete Rios terminal. Because it makes a few stops along the way, it reaches Nazaré in 1 hour and 50 minutes. It departs every hour in the morning and about every 2 hours in the afternoon on weekdays, and a little less frequently on weekends.
The bus station in Nazaré is just a short walk from the beachfront in the center of town.
The buses are modern, comfortable and clean, and have compartments for luggage. Tickets can’t be bought from the driver, they must be bought from the ticket office. For prices and schedules, check out the Rede Expressos website.
Rede Expressos is the company that does most long-distance bus services in Portugal, including the one to Nazaré. The Sete Rios terminal in Lisbon can be reached by metro, on the blue line. For complete details, see this guide: Sete Rios Bus Station, Lisbon

Traveling to Nazaré by Car

The A8 highway links Lisbon to Nazaré, and in just 1 hour and 30 minutes you can be on the sand or riding some waves. The road is good, all you have to do is head north from the capital and eventually there are signs pointing to Nazaré. There is a toll, so have some change ready. When you arrive, finding a good parking spot in the center of town isn’t always easy, but wherever you park you’re never too far from the beach and from just about anything.