Sun-Dried Fish Museum

Visitor's Guide

Museu do Peixe Seco, Nazaré

Nazaré maintains the tradition of drying fish in the sun

Created in 2016, the Sun-Dried Fish Museum is right on Nazaré’s main beach, and has indoor and outdoor displays. Inside, in the former fish market, visitors learn about the process and history of what can be considered an art, while outside (across the road) they see (and smell!) the drying fish.

Peixe seco, Nazaré

You know you're getting close to the display by the smell

This sun-drying tradition is quite ancient, and was a way of preserving the excess fish to be sold at the markets and consumed days after being caught.

Sun-dried fish in Nazaré

Traditionally-dressed locals guard the displays

The drying fish is usually guarded by a local senior in the traditional dress, and is a curious sight that no tourist can resist photographing.